2 tips to get you underway for a job interview

Around the web there are various tips to get you underway for a job interview. A simple google or bing search with those keywords will land you with millions of results.
google search example of tips on an interview
However, some tips will really be relevant and others will not. Here are just two tips localised to Zambia that might help.


Strong Understanding

When applying for a job position ensure you have a strong and general understanding of the requirements for the job. The employer will look at strategies that you’ve implemented before. How you had prioritized your tasks in your previous work? And how you would think about aligning to the new business objectives?

Also the employer would look to see what kinds of failures or challenges you have seen in your industry and how have you learned from from that?


ideas in a workplace
Show you have ideas and strategies that have worked and people liked

It is important to learn these and see them clearly such that when they pop up in a job interview you are ready for them.


The employers will also be interested to see a hands-on knowledge. Use that in an interview,even if you’ve never worked in the required capacity before. It will give you more credibility. 

Learn the Stakeholders

Understanding the people you are going to work with is very important. Your work will be implemented and perhaps done by stakeholders. A clear understanding of the people you will be surrounded with will help you to align to the business goals.
And as the employer looks to engage you, your drive in understand the stakeholders, you will show how you influenced and negotiated for superior outputs.
Announce and show cause of how well you are liked and respected. Show how you work well with people. This scene will push you for a higher notch before the interviews. From an interview the panel can be made to feel you are already working with them.