4 simple ways to keep your job

Some people hop from one job into another and they get lucky to find while others struggle and will wish to maintain the current job at all cost. Here are very few simple ways you can maintain and keep your job.

      1. Be on time

It is so easy once you set a time to arrive at work (of course on time) stick to it and soon you form a routine around it. Unconsciously you will always arrive at work in good time. 


2. Be responsible

Employers are always looking for responsible people. How often do you see  irresponsible employees get promoted? 


3. Don’t argue with your Boss

It is a bad idea to argue with your superiors. Be reasonable            towards their demands and see through them. If you have cause  for complaint outline your hesitations to carry out the task.

 At best for record purpose always drop your email outlining        your concerns. Again don’t take your arguments to the email        platform. 


4. Follow instruction

Instructions are better than wisdom, always remember that. Instruction make tasks simpler, when they are followed they ensure things are done effectively, they eliminate confusion and save time.

Paying attention, following instructions, and listening are some of the most important skills you will need to get through in life.


The list can go on but these 4 simple things can be done by every employee and will go on to form a better relationship at workplace in turn will help keep the employee in the job.