6 Online Jobs That Can Pay You Well Working From Zambia

Online jobs are tough but can make you earn a bit of money when you are also tough, aggressive, and patient. Most popular blogs would several thousands of available jobs that pay well but not when you are in Africa and your level of education is not advanced.

Just like blogging its a tough world but here are a few sites that can add extra income. This is merely a listing and says little about the links providing the work. For details follow provided external links.

  1. Start earning Bitcoins by simply watching ads at Coinbase
  2. Get paid for testing applications and software at Utest. Though most of the job openings are not for Africa and jobs are very competitive.
  3. Freelancer offers lucrative money up to 500 Kwacha for a single job. According to Freelance upon successful registration using this link, you’ll get $20 immediately.
  4. Make interesting videos and post them to YouTube. After reaching more than 1000 subscribers you can apply for Google Adsense.
  5. If you own a website you can also make money from the affiliate program at ADspot. Here is the link to open an account
  6. Appen pays very well and requires you to have some professional experience and qualifications. They offer micro tasks to translation. A recent project I got involved with Appen was asking for linguistics experts to translate some work from Bemba to English and vice versa. The starting pay was $25 which is a decent amount especially if you start to get more projects.

Bonus Online Jobs in Zambia:

Zedlyric a Zambian musical lyrics website is putting up a project, aimed at teenagers, that can easily make you earn mobile data and or voice calls. To know more about the project you can contact grace@lensesview.com and or WhatsApp 0962 555436.

Zedsocer a website about Zambian football and another Lensesview project occasionally offers incentives for a guest article talking about Zambia super league. Contact grace@lenseseview.com / WhatsApp 0962 555436 for more details.