7 IT Skills that might get you hired in Zambia

Information Technology is evolving all around us. From simple early days of communication and the toys then to the outburst of mobility and the changing face of Apps, skills accompanying the sector have also created a demand and special place for those committed to catch up.

From the birth of world wide web (www) made public in 1993 through to the 2000’s we saw the crawl of smart devices that allowed everyone to have access to information from their fingertips. This, once again, changed the trajectory of information technology and computer development.

And here we are at some pinnacle in the information technology that has now created demand for special skills. Here are the hottest, most in-demand skills around the globe but they can also get you hired in Zambia. In fact if you possess these skills you must look around for an opportune to dispel a direction within Zambia.

1. Cloud and Distributed Computing

Cloud knowledge will help you set up the corporate email and needed applications off site creating a free restful IT environment as you merely use someone else’s resources to host, process or store data. While distributed computing will tag you to the required skills level of Google and its bots, the scalable services of World Wide Web. Though DC is not fully run in Zambia but its application may soon be wanted as the government seeks to computerise its information systems.

2. Statistical Analysis and Data Mining

As new markets emerge in the Southern Africa and corporations rise to penetrate markets and seek new sales leads statistical analysis provide the base and data mining give an insight into the value of the information. Top level skills in this area will make a reach for those hiring.

3. Middleware and Integration Software

It is difficult for companies and corporations to acquire an all in one solution but instead they look for a conciergence solution to help run all aspects of the business. Skills in middleware integration helps to offer common programming abstractions, covering up heterogeneity, delivering fundamental operating systems and hardware, and masking low-level programming details.

Companies’ Information assets are leveraged with integration application execution. Systems are developed to monitor the health and operations of the core IT assets driving the business forward.

4. User Interface Design

UI is an engineering that focus on maximizing usability and the user experience. There are several locally made softwares and most of them lack that aesthetics and that user feel and look.

5. Network and Information Security

This is become very cardinal for protection of information technology assets. Data and the machines they reside on must be protected at all times. The core function of IT is to ensure systems are operational, information remain confidential and secured, it is to ensure their is no tempering nor alterations. This is a must have skill for all IT.


6. SEO/SEM Marketing

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of affecting the visibility of a website or a web page in a web search engine’s unpaid results. Market places have changed and moved on to the World Wide Web. To have this article delivered to you and to those internet users in months to come will find it indexed and easily accessible. Marketers continue to seek this

7. Resourcefulness

Having the ability to find quick and clever ways to overcome difficulties. Above all else an IT must be resourceful. Apparently what makes most tech savvy seem with an all-know-it-attitude is this ability to quickly been resourceful. Use of Google and generated past experience make almost all IT resourceful.