Computer science will soon be a part of every job

Computer science will soon be a part of every job as the DNA of Jobs is rapidly changing. In the past, you didn’t need technical skills to succeed in your non-technical job and vice versa. But today more and more educational pedagogues are marching that computer science should be foundational. Google Edu says

More than 65% of young people will work in jobs that don’t exist yet—building new technology, advancing artificial intelligence, and designing better ways to analyze data.

Google on Ensuring every student has the opportunity to learn computer science

So today, a new type of position is on the rise: the hybrid job. Hybrid jobs blend skill sets from both technical and non-technical fields, like data analysis and marketing or programming and design. As the fastest-growing and least likely to be automated jobs in the market today, hybrid roles provide the greatest opportunities for your career growth. And computer science provides the pathways to hybrid jobs.

Today’s technological environment opens an opportunity for those just attaining grade 12 certificates and preparing into college and universities. Alongside the pursuit of that long dreamt career degree or diploma, you can set yourself up for success by building a hybrid skill set that draws from today’s fastest-growing fields. And computer science opens stacks of channels for that possibility. It also lays a fundamental notch to succeed in almost every field.

Computer science is becoming more and more embedded into every field and our everyday lives. Many fields, including design, engineering, marketing, and data analysis, are now in need of workers with coding and different computer science skills. The demand for these skills are beyond Zambian borders and pay lucratively. Even often found remotely where you can work from your own home and yet get paid thousands of dollars.

In demand are skillsets for data manipulation, data retrieval in big query data centers, understanding of coding languages to help align businesses for SEO and company market positions are up for grabs

Today’s business and management courses are centered around integrated digital media, Digital leadership

Where do i get the hybrid qualifications? Whether you want to build foundational knowledge for your next career move or develop skills applicable to your current field, you’ll find your hybrid skills path at various online platforms like Google, edX, Coursera, Microsoft Academy and many more.