What do employees look for in their employers

As a business runner have you ever wondered what your employees look for in their employers and in you as a business man?

Some employers feel their employees owe them their lives. They feel they are doing the workers a favour by employing them.

Such an attitude has led to some employers make a crumble of a decision that may affect the business. Because the starting outlook at some of the assets (employee asset) is all all wrong. 

Employees feel appreciated when they interact with their employers
Employees feel appreciated when they interact or participate in business decisions together with their employers.

At most employees have certain elements, and those are quiet key things, that they look for in their employers. Things like to get paid well. They want to be trusted. Made valued members of the business. They want to be appreciated for all the hard work and intelligence inputs.

“Your most important assets as an employer are not your clients; It’s your employees.”

Remarks a VP and Executive Jennifer Andersen 

“If you take care of your employees, they will take care of your clients and enable optimal profit and growth. Happy employees are productive employees.” 

Employees tend to stay when they are:

A growing lesson for employers is that if employees are fledgling, handicapped and vulnerable help accordingly. Mentor and empower them. Do not allow employees to drift into “work and wait for payday” attitude.. Get them involved in your business.

Employees soon begin to reward employers with hard work and sense of loyalty and belonging when they feel they are not just tools in the running of the business.


It’s a simple give and reward concept. The reward matrix can work in favor of the employers as they balance the interactive HIGHs and LOWs in the Reward and Risk table. Will retaining employees reward the business with profitability. How do trusted employees perform? 


Ultimately employees tend to stay longer when their employers meet even half way the needs as in the Ahmed Atef image