Pay Weekend and drinking

Often when some employees get paid, the only thing that they might think of is drinking or spending as if there is no tomorrow.

What happens later is that such employees end up with some financial crisis which makes them even fail to concentrate on their work afterward.

Whenever practically possible, employers should endeavour to give even the most basic financial education to their employees.

It has to be borne in mind however that when you are trying to educate your employees about how they use their finances, you do not try to control them.

Check the applicable laws in your country pertaining to employees’ disposal of wages.

In Zambia for instance, Part IV, Section 70.(1) of the Employment Code Act No. 3 of 2019 provides that, “An employer shall not limit or attempt to limit the right of an employee to dispose of that employee’s wages in any manner which that employee considers fit.”

Wishing you the very best.

Feel free to share your experiences or what you have seen happening in certain workplaces.

Owen Katongo Kabanda
Human Resources and Leadership Advisor