Preparing for a Job Interview – What is your weakness?

When preparing for a job interview what is your weakness? What is a flaw that might hinder your ability to do the job? These questions will pop up.

To start with what kind of a question is that? “I hate that question, let alone i don’t know what to answer” many have often said. Nonetheless we all know how much recruiters enjoy to phrase it out. Somewhere inside or near the end of the job interview that question pops up, trust me.

Today you told you must answer it right. Why?

Because the job interview is an impending life altering episode. For that and two or other reasons you have to do it right. Some candidates have so good a CV and remarkable work experience. Yet the moment they step into the interview they mumble about and fail to show proof of history from the written document that allowed them to be shortlisted. The enticing CV brought you to the doors of the trade.



Technique to help you answer the job interview question

Some job interviews are as simple as eating cookies. especially those that are not so formal. The CEO or Director in front of you is a busy man and will want to quickly judge your personality given certain  personal presentation. The dress code and how you expel your inside vulcan. If his/her instinct judge it right you are hired and immediately go to hassle with the HR Manager for the conditions.

But the other job is so formal. The strangeness of the arrangement. The particulars of the environment (especially when unfamiliar to you). The recruiting panel while trying to make you feel comfortable they also seem to look at you diminutively.


As an intuitive candidate obviously that won’t pass you. You begin and quickly judge that atmosphere. For me that’s the starting point for a ride. This is a life altering innuendo and you must be encouraged to handle it with your best.

Be honest, just don’t reveal too much when it’s not necessary. Keep close and center all your answers around the job. And soon you will read (at-most) your environment and learn how to respond to it. Be ready for the particulars surrounding the weakness question.

What is a flaw that might hinder your ability to do the job? One technique here is just to think and answer in the lines of: I may not be as experienced but am a quick learner.

Equally you can identify a positive trait, explain how it can be misperceived as negative.: I am very honest and i find that most people are discouraged by that.

Am a boring person when not fully occupied. Learn around similar answers. Allow and let them be your guide. Practise a bit answering that questioning. Have your sister or brother seat you down and rehearse the role.